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Timeless Teachings in a Changing World

Liberty IPS is a non-traditional private school accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC).  We offer students the flexibility of a home study program, with the benefits of a structured, accredited academic environment.


Although curriculum is chosen on a per-student basis, all students must meet yearly academic standards for their grade level. In order to ensure that academic expectations are clear and concise, we use  Academic Standards. Standards describe the goals of schooling, the destinations at which students should arrive at the end of the unit or term.  Liberty IPS uses the National Standards for Arts Education, and World Book Typical Source of Course Study. We have found that by adhering to the National Standards, our students will excel no matter what state or county they are located in. The standards for each grade level are available upon request.

By the end of the academic year, students should have successfully mastered each standard for their grade level. Liberty utilizes a Student Portfolio System (SPS) to record and present student's progress in an organized and convenient method. Each student is required to have a home study portfolio available each year for  assessment, evaluation and review. In complying with state laws and our accreditation standards, all students are also required to take an annual standardized test.  At Liberty IPS, we use the California Achievement Test (CAT) as our standard test, but some students also take the Iowa Test of Basic Skill (ITBS) or the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT 10) . We at Liberty IPS feel that the combination of both annual testing and the SPS better define a child's progress and give the parent-teacher a broader aspect of the child's academic needs and accomplishments. 


We also encourage all high school students to take the SAT or ACT during their 10th or 11th grade years, as well as SAT Subject Tests for subjects they wish to show a higher level of mastery.  Our students generally take the SAT or ACT early, as most of our Juniors and Seniors are enrolled as Dual-Enrolled students at various colleges and universities.  To date, all of our dual-enrolled students have had an excellent academic record at their respective colleges, many attaining Honor Society and Principals List recognition.


Our high school students adhere to the same rigorous graduation requirements as public schools.


All students are required to be enrolled in Liberty IPS for an entire school year before previous credits and courses will be evaluated and validated.  This probationary time ensures that students continue to manifest the level mastery their previous grades represent.  During this one-year probation period, if a student has not manifested the level mastery their previous grades represent, we reserve the right to not accept those previous credits.


All students not only report to their parent-teachers, but monthly attendance and quarterly grades are reported to each student’s assigned Administrator, Academic Advisor and  Mentor. These individuals, in conjunction with the student’s parent-teachers, ensure that the curriculum meets each student’s needs and that all work is completed in a successful and timely manner.  In addition, high school students are assigned a Guidance Counselor to help them through the process of SAT/ACT testing, Dual- enrollment and the college application process.


We feel that Liberty IPS provides an excellent alternative to students who wish to participate in a home study program.  By being accredited through GAC, we can offer the benefits of a student-tailored curriculum and a nationally recognized diploma. 

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